If you continue telling your old story, this new year will be the same old year you’ve already lived.

Some people live the same year over and over for their entire life.

What ever happened to you in the past, it does not matter today.

You are not that person now. The person that hurt you is also not that same person now. Forgive them.

If it happened more than 7 years ago, you do not have even one cell in your body that is still the same. Neither does the other person.

Release. Let. It. Go. Start telling a new story.

When you meet a person for the first time you have the freedom to be whoever you choose to be.

You can be strong, powerful, intriguing, interesting, confident, cheerful, kind.

But many people choose to tell the story of the past to people they meet.

They continue to retell the things that they identify with even though those things aren’t even true anymore, and don’t have to be. Things like, I’m shy, I’m tired, I’m stressed, I was neglected, I was taken advantage of, I was abandoned.

Start telling a story of life. Speak life. Take time to notice the things that do make you happy now and talk about them.

Let the past stay in the past, don’t revisit it anymore.

Don’t keep those negative vibrations active within your mind. It is safe to release those memories now.

Give thanks for the lessons and move confidently forward into the new year knowing that 2019 becomes what you decide and not what someone decided for you.

It’s your time. It’s your turn to be happy.

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