I haven’t gotten it all figured out, I am a work in progress. But I am getting better and most importantly, happier, everyday.

It’s not that I never get upset or fall out of alignment, I do. I am human. But I have learned to find peace in the things I can not change. The amount of time I allow for negative emotions is getting shorter and farther in between.

Feeling upset, angry, tired, sad, unloved, defeated… it does not serve anyone. And it definitely does not serve those 3 guys that I love so much, sitting next to me in this picture.

Ten years ago when my first baby came into the world I was so madly in love with him, but I quickly fell into a downward spiral to a very low point in my life.

I couldn’t get through the brain fog and the exhaustion. I didn’t feel that I had the right tools to help my baby and myself. My husband Mike worked long hours then and I felt lonely and mostly just sad. Our marriage was not in a good place because our focus was on problems and not solutions.

After our second son was born and several years of living in survival mode, I discovered something that was the key for change. It was the first step that led us on a journey of self discovery and ultimately led to our freedom.

It was the missing link I didn’t know was missing.

It was the power of God’s energy through nature. The power of plants distilled into small bottles of essential oil.

Maybe you’ve never used real oils before and you think this sounds absolutely crazy (that was my initial reaction) or maybe you’ve already discovered their amazing benefits, and you’re nodding your head as you read..

All I know is this. These oils helped me to feel better right away. My physical and emotional health improved.

The brain fog lifted.

I felt empowered, equipped with an arsenal of tools that helped my babies to sleep better and to feel better minus any terrible side effects.

The oils have been a gift from God and I can not imagine life without them.

If you have been searching for a way to improve any area of your life I encourage you to give these oils a try.

This weekend only the very same Premium Starter Kit I love is available to you for 10% off the regular price. These are not the fake perfumy oils you’ll find at TJMaxx or Costco, these are the real deal.

Use my like below to learn more and get yourself set up. I will send you a gift valued at $25 plus I will personally work with you and help direct you towards your unique wellness goals for 2019. This sale runs until 1/14 or while supplies last.

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