Ever felt like you’re destined for more?

Maybe that’s because you were born to discover your inner-extraordinary…

Hey there! I’m Agnes T, dreamer of big dreams, believer of impossible things. 

I am a reader, a thinker, a speaker, a writer.  I’m a boy mom, wife to my college sweetheart, Michael, lover of Latin music, nature, and real food. One of my biggest passions is empowering women to take charge of their health their finances and their life.

I believe you were designed by a perfect God and there are no mistakes. I believe every ordinary girl can choose to live an extraordinary life.

Around here you’ll find a little bit of everything, from DIY projects to healthy living tips, to day-in-the-life reality stuff, to natural remedies. Basically a day in the life of me… Agnes T.

If you stick around you’ll find plenty of positive reflections that just might, help to awaken you inner-extraordinary. Thank you for having the courage to embark on your growth journey!

To your joy and abundance,

Agnes T. <3

Let’s build something together.