How To Start Taking Control of Your Life

Hear me on this;  You were not put on this earth to drag your way through each day, struggle, and die.

You were put on this earth to become extraordinary.  To do amazing things.  To create incredible things.  To be happy, abundant, and experience feelings of purpose.

We all have this within us already.  But sometimes we fall off the path of the perfection we were born with.

The good news is that we have special indicators that let us know exactly when we are getting off of the path that leads us towards our desired future, our dreams and our ability to be free.  Those indicators are our feelings.

Start to pay very close attention to how you feel.

Notice the things that make you feel happy and giddy and excited.  Notice the things that make you feel sad and down and anxious.

Once you start to notice, you can consciously do more of the things that make you feel good and avoid the things that don’t, thus putting you back on your path quicker and more often.

One easy way you can start to take control of your feelings (and your life!) is with your social media accounts.

Notice if there is someone on your newsfeed that just does not make you feel good every time you read their posts.  Maybe its because they post things that are negative or go against your values.  Or maybe their posts make you feel jealous, insecure, or somehow less than.

You need to unfollow that person.

Don’t allow negative feelings to keep happening to you in this way.  Don’t allow yourself to go into your social media accounts, open up your Facebook or Instagram and just scroll and let all kinds of messages and feelings come at you.

You have control of those feeds. You can actually tell Facebook what kind of information you wish to see by unfollowing people and changing your settings.

The same goes for all naysayers that follow you but in the back of your mind, you suspect are judging you or talking negatively about you.

If you would like to post something meaningful from your life, something creative or inspirational, or just something that makes you feel good, but you’re scared to do it because there’s a person or two that you’re afraid will judge you, you can remove that person from seeing your posts.  Facebook has those options in the settings.

If your fear of a handful of people judging you is stopping you from doing or sharing what you love, you must take control of that.

Things that don’t feel good to you do not belong in your life, and holding on to those things will hold you back from living out your dreams.

As you start to take control in small ways like changing your FB settings, you will begin to feel empowered.  You will begin to look for (and find) other areas in your life where you have control.

As you begin to embrace that you are in fact in full control of every area of your life the path that leads to your desired future will open up for you.  You will gain clarity.  Most importantly, you will begin to manifest your goals and your dreams quicker and with greater ease.



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