Breaking the Cycle of Negative Feelings

Can we talk about the negative feelings a bit?

So often we talk about how important it is to stay positive and talk only about the things that you want to attract.  You hear, “don’t talk about the things you don’t want because the things that you talk about and focus on are exactly what you will attract more of into your life”.

But what happens when you fall into a funk?

Nobody really feels amazing all of the time.  Sometimes bad things happen to us (or at least things that we perceive in that moment to be bad).  Sometimes we then talk about those things in order to figure it out how to solve the problem.  So if you follow the belief that you should always stay positive, its really easy to spiral downward into a cycle of feeling bad, then feeling bad about feeling bad, and then feeling even worse.

Understanding what negative feelings are and what their purpose is will help you to feel better and to stay in that better feeling place longer.

The reason why bad things and thoughts happen is for the purpose of contrast and clarity.  You have to experience what you don’t want, in order to know what you do want.

But you don’t have to stay in that bad feeling place for very long.   You can recognize those things and quickly use your feelings as your guide for the purpose of growth and expansion.

There will always be contrast in your life because you are always evolving and growing.

The next time you don’t feel happy, use it as a teaching moment.  Don’t feel bad about it, just notice why you feel that way and then use that bottom place to push yourself up again.

The more you practice this, the less time you will spend dwelling on negative thoughts, and you will start to feel more positive, more often.  The wonderful thing about it all is that in your growth, you inspire others around you to grow.

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