The Power of Intention

Intention is your ability to have anything you want.

Once I learned this power my entire life changed.  In the past I didn’t give much thought to having things I would label as being out of my reach.  I had a lifestyle that I thought was fitting to where I came from, I wasn’t born into money after all.   So I just figured that things come as they come and certain people have more and some have less and that’s just the way it is.

But that’s not the way it is.

The way it is is that you can have and be anything you want and the only limit is the limitation of your own imagination.  If you see something and don’t give it much thought other than to think that it is unreachable then you will not have it, ever.  But if you see it and then intend on having it, it shall be yours.

You can easily understand intention through this very simple example.  Say you have your house up for sale and you know that at any time you could have a showing and therefore your house has to stay clear of clutter at all times.  Now as you are getting ready in the bathroom you have set your intention of keeping it clean so as you are getting ready you are carefully putting things back in your cabinets and drawers and hanging up the towels and keeping laundry off the floor in and keeping everything very neat.  Even if you are in a hurry you still manage to keep the bathroom clean by placing things back where they belong as you use them.

Now if you do not have a strong intention to keep the bathroom clean, on a regular day when your house is not on the market for sale, then as you are getting ready, and especially if you are in a hurry, you will leave a giant mess in your bathroom ad you will often feel overwhelmed at the thought of keeping things tidy because you simply do not have the time!

That is the power of intention.

It works the same way with every area of your life.  When you decide on something that you want, it doesn’t matter if no one in your family has ever had it, it doesn’t matter if your current bank account says you can’t afford it, and it does not matter if it is a big thing like a luxury home on the beach or a small thing like keeping a tidy house, you can absolutely have that thing.

Your intentions decide what you have and how you feel.  But many times people go through life without setting intentions.  Things just happen to them and they chalk it up to good luck or bad luck.  But the truth is you’re completely in control of every area of your life.  You are making decisions each moment of each day.  Even in situations when you do not feel like you have a choice, you always have a choice.  You have the choice to change your focus and you have your power of intention.

Which means you have the complete ability to imagine a feeling, a place, or a thing, and then focus on it to make it your reality despite any excuses that come up, even the very true and valid ones.

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