To The Girl That’s Not Daddy’s Little Girl

I have seen so many of these daddy daughter pics floating around. Heart warming and also absolutely heartbreaking, for more than just the obvious reasons.

I think of all the little girls that don’t have pictures like this with their dads.

Being a kid can be so hard.

A lot of adults spend their whole lives suffering and blaming their dads for their traumas, insecurities, and everything that’s gone wrong in their life. And much of it might very well be the truth.

But being a dad is hard too.

Dads don’t get the hormones and natural instincts mamas do and many of them didn’t have good childhoods either. It’s not an excuse to be a bad parent but I think it’s time to give our dads more grace. If we wish to heal from the past we must start with grace.

I believe all the dads did the best they could do with the circumstances of their life at the time. They were challenged, stressed, tired, and probably misunderstood.

Forgive your dad. Release him from the responsibility of your happiness or lack of.

Start with forgiveness and offering different perspectives. Start by entertaining different thoughts.

Did you know that most of your memories are actually inaccurate? Things didn’t all happen the exact way we remember, our memories become highly misconstrude over time. Try to envision your dad as the little kid you once were, just pure love and innocence.

What ever happened is long gone in the past. You have the power to break the chains that hold you in bondage of the past. You have the power within you right now to be happy and go forth in love and acceptance.

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