A Positive Affirmation to Start Your Day

Affirmation of the Day (day 10) …

“I expect miracles.”

Sometimes when you are in the mist of a challenge it may not seem natural to say a positive affirmation.

In fact seeing a positive quote might even make you feel worse.

We don’t always feel positive.

In those most difficult moments simply remind yourself that life itself is a miracle.

Each plant and every creature is a miracle.

All of the trillions of cells that make up you (uniquely you!) and work in harmony without you having to give it a second thought is a miracle.

Expect miracles.

Expect them everywhere you go and with every person you interact with.

Expect that a terrible time can unexpectedly shift to the most beautiful time in your life.

For today I simple remind myself and affirm…

‘I expect miracles.’

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