A Positive Affirmation to Start Your Day

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Affirmation of the Day (day 10) …

Sometimes when you are in the mist of a challenge it may not seem natural to say a positive affirmation. In fact seeing a positive quote might even make you feel worse because it feels like a lie.

We don’t always feel positive.

In those most difficult moments remind yourself that life itself is a miracle. Each plant and every creature is a miracle. All of the trillions of cells that make up you (uniquely you!) and work in harmony without you having to give it a second thought is a miracle. Miracles are all around us.

Expect them.

Expect miracles everywhere you go and with every person you interact with. Expect that a terrible time can quickly shift to the most beautiful time in your life.

The universe always shows us exactly what we expect to see. This is what makes positive affirmations so powerful. The more we repeat positive thoughts the more we begin to witness positive change.

For today I simple remind myself and affirm… ‘I expect miracles.’

To your joy and abundance,


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