How To Be Happy

I tend to be a little mellow a lot of the time, sometimes people ask me if I am sad, but I am not unhappy. Happiness does not mean being giddy or smiley or extraordinarily excited.

Happy looks like this…

Content and grateful for the current moment and looking forward to more.

Your dreams and goals might be bigger than where you are now and that’s okay. It’s important to look forward to achieving them all. Get excited thinking about them. But stay content now. Look for reasons to be grateful right now in this moment.

Staying happy requires you to stay guarded about what you let into your world.

Don’t allow negativity to flow freely in and out as it pleases. Actively seek out positivity. Sure there is a lot of bad in the world, but there is actually a lot more good. Search for good news stories that are positive and uplifting, stories of success and triumph.

Filter the things that appear on your newsfeed on Facebook in order to nourish your soul with information that will propel you to do more and to be more. Block the negativity and gossip.

Be careful about the types of movies you watch and books you read. I prefer the ones that will make me feel good and uplifted because all of these things effect how you view the world around you.

You cannot surround yourself with negative news and expect to stay positive.

You can not focus on problems and expect to create solutions.

Focus on what is good and what is right and those things will begin to expand in your reality. Happiness comes when you search for it.

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