How To Meditate

Mediation is proven to help reduce stress and help you feel more joyful. It is also the pathway for you to quiet the noise of the outside world and connect to your inner self.

When you meditate and set your positive intentions daily, you will soon find the law of attraction working in your favor to bring you everything you desire.


Does meditating mean I have to shut off my brain? Have you ever actually tried to quiet your mind of ALL thought? Doesn’t it seem impossible? Often, the more you try not to think the more your mind runs wild.

Here are some meditation tips:

✨First, find some meditation music on a podcast or YouTube or Pandora, and have headphones in.

✨Second, don’t worry if your first meditation sessions aren’t very long, start with just 3 minutes then work your way up to 10 then 20 minutes.

✨If a thought comes through your mind, observe it and just allow it to float away, don’t pay it much attention.

✨And finally use the ‘I am that I am’ affirmation throughout the length of the mediation. Repeating ‘I am that I am’ will help your mind from wandering.

The ‘I am’ literally means God. ‘I am that I am’ simply means that since we came from God, we are a part of God, and therefore, we can conjure and create anything we want. As in, “ALL things are possible with God.”

If you have never meditated before try it tonight!

Headphones in and repeating the affirmation of the day. Do it again first thing in the morning tomorrow before doing anything else.

To Your Joy and Abundance,


P.S. A useful app that helps me to track my meditations, has soft timers, and music, is called Insight Timer. It is free. Download the app, click to open, select the little clock labeled ‘time’, now select your music and duration and you’re all set. You can even set meditation reminders there.

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