A Positive Affirmation to Start Your Day

Affirmation of the Day… (day 16)

Your superpower lies in one simple truth. What you focus on expands.

The bad news is if you’re not careful with your focus, you will unintentionally bring more of the things that you do not want into your life. The good news is you get to choose what to focus on.

It is natural to give more attention to the things that annoy you rather than the things that please you. You must work to reprogram your mind and get it off of autopilot. Autopilot mode focuses on the negative, complaining, and getting upset easily. Intentional focus helps you to get happy with your surroundings and you relationships. Focus on what you love about those around you. You cannot change many circumstances but you can change your focus.

Notice that by focusing on the things you love and appreciate about your partner, the happier the relationship becomes.

Don’t worry so much about getting to the bottom of arguments, who’s right.. who’s wrong. There is no bottom of things. All people will always have a unique perspective and there is no such thing as a perfect partner.

There is only focus. Focus on the good, see more good.

Today I affirm:

“I intend to focus my thoughts on what I LOVE about my partner”

To Your Joy and Abundance,


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