A Positive Affirmation to Start Your Day

Affirmation of the Day (day 24)

“I intend to teach my children to love all life and I will treat them in the same way.”

Raising kids is the hardest thing ever, period.

Mainly because they are little mirrors.

Every time they behave in a way that is not.. well you know… I know I need to take a look at myself.

It is one thing to tell them to be a certain way or speak a certain way and to be kind and forgiving but it is quite another to actually EXUDE that all the time so that they have no choice but to model it.

For a while now I’ve had this feeling that when my boys fight and argue with one another (which has been a huge stressor in my life) that it is actually a conflict within myself that I need to sort out. It’s me that is not aligned and reflecting in them.

I know this sounds crazy, but ever since I began thinking this way and working on my mindset, their behavior towards one another has really improved.

My business mentors tell me to work harder on improving myself than anything else and my business will grow.

I think it’s the same with raising kids.

Work harder at growing yourself than anything else and you will raise great kids.

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