Social Media vs Reality

“Get in here! Selfie time.. hold up your ice cream.. oops I can’t see Matthew.. skooch over.. come on smile!” Click.

20 seconds after this pic was taken, the kids started annoying each other, got chocolate all over the sheets, and Mike yelled at me for letting them eat ice cream in bed. 😆

People say social media is fake, people only post their best life.

Personally I think that’s exactly what you should do!

Focus on your best life. Your best FB worthy moments.

Don’t focus on the negative stuff. Let that stuff roll right off of you and don’t even pay it any attention.

The more you focus on the amazingness that is your life the more amazing things will happen to you and around you.

The next time you’re feeling down, go ahead and scroll through your FB pics.

See how beautiful your life is? Never lose sight of that. 💜

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