A Positive Affirmation to Start Your Day

Affirmation of the Day (day 25)

“I love and approve of myself.”

People that are very angry or find it difficult to love others or approve of others usually really don’t like themselves. This could be from past programming or a difficult childhood. But we have the choice to turn that around!

We must learn to love ourselves first. Then love will mirror in everyone and everything that we encounter. It is through love for all that we will find our greatest joy.

I was part of this exercise recently where I had to turn to the person next to me (a stranger) and tell them why I am great and amazing. It was tough to come up with something and very awkward for both of us! No matter your past, everyone can benefit from today’s affirmation

Practice this affirmation tonight as you drift off to sleep, some meditation music in your ears will help to calm and ground you.

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