Positive Affirations to Change Your Life

Some people say positive affirmations don’t work. I say none of us know enough about this vast universe to be skeptical about anything.

The mind is very powerful and will believe anything you tell it. In fact your brain works hard everyday to prove you right. You will always find evidence for the things you believe.

Affirmations aren’t just wishful thinking, they are actually your intentional and deliberate command to the universe.

Every day you look at the menu that is your world and you place your order with your words and your thoughts.

Do you ever notice how certain problems and situations seem to appear over and over in your life like a pattern? Do you wonder why that is? Have you allowed your life to run on autopilot?

Intention is the invisible force that determines all things. It is through our intention or lack there of that we become who we are.

BUT we have the freedom to intend anything we want! It doesn’t cost us anything, just a few moments of mindfulness each day.

If you can dream it up and envision it and feel it, then you can intend it and then you truly can have it, no matter what that ‘it’ is.

Doesn’t it feel empowering to know that?!

When I began to play with this idea, miracles began to happen.

And the funny thing is I knew it would work before I saw proof. It was like I remembered! It felt like I had remembered something that was there all along.

That’s why when I heard these affirmations by Wayne Dyer I pulled out a notebook in the middle of the night and wrote them all down. I had these powerful words printed on gold paper and they are displayed over my bed.

You can design the life you want and enjoy everything your heart desires, happiness, great relationships, money, even health.

There are just a few rules:

1. You must take full responsibility for everything.

All of it. Any person that has ever done you wrong, anytime you felt like a victim, your failed relationships, even your health. No matter how much it may seem that it’s not your fault you must own it. Say, “I own this. I take full responsibility. I don’t know how or why I attracted this into my life but I did.”

From this point you are free from the bondage of the problem because this is the only standpoint from which change can begin. As long as someone else holds that key to change, you do not have control. Ownership = control.

2. Quit trash talking!

We have this joke with our good friends that when one of us says something like, “oh man it’s raining” we all say, “quit trash talking!” It’s kind of funny but it’s true.

I don’t have control over a rainy day when I wanted to go to the beach but why would I spend anytime talking about the rain?

Speak life.

Stop talking to about the things you do not want. Speak about what you do want, what you desire, and what you anticipate. No negative talk allowed, no complaining allowed, in fact no attention to anything negative is allowed, ever.

Not the news on TV and not the gossip amoung friends. It doesn’t serve you and it will not bring you closer to your desires.

3. Meditate

Just 15 or so minutes a day, twice is ideal. Just some music in your ears and sit there, or lay there. Just notice what you notice. Nothing more. All you need is the music and the stillness.

4. Read your positive affirmations and as you do envision that it’s already happening.

It’s not something that is a maybe, or that is far off in the future, it’s already happening.

Right here, right now.

You are on your way to beautiful, blissful abundance. Abundance in all forms is flowing through you and around you.

It’s time to allow it all in and rediscover who you were always meant to be.


P.S. These are the affirmation I have hanging over the bed. I printed them on gold paper I found at Michal’s and the frames are from HomeGoods. If you’d like this printable PDF, email me (agnes@agnest.com) or send me a message on Instagram and I’ll send it to you!

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