Stop Feeling Guilty About Feeling Sad

Sadness usually doesn’t feel good. So we often think that if we feel sad, we are not good, especially if that sadness doesn’t seem justified.

This is not true. Sadness is not good or bad, it is a normal emotion we all feel.

It doesn’t matter if other people have bigger reasons or more accepted reasons to feel sadness.

Sad is sad.

It’s okay to feel like that sometimes.

But you must know that focusing on your sadness and thinking about justifications (or lack of) for it, will only bring more sadness.

Your job is not to explain why you are sad or to try to figure out how someone, who has everything, could possibly be sad.

Your only job is to find something to think about that makes you feel a little less sad. Change the topic in your mind until you feel a little better. And then focus on getting a little better still, until you feel some sense of gratitude and eventually joy.

When you feel sad, find your peace there. Don’t feel guilt about it and don’t try to make sense of it.

Your purpose here is to figure out what the things that make you happy are and then giving yourself permission to do them more often or always. Sadness is just one emotion that helps you sort out what you like and what you don’t.

Accept the sadness as part of your wholeness and always remember that you are meant to experience it but you are not meant to stay there.

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