How to Change the World

I’m always interested in learning how each person I meet views the world in a unique way. One person views the world as a scary place that is filled with disasters and suffering and scarcity. Another sees this same wold as beautiful, full adventure, and opportunity.

I’ve come to realize that there is not one world but 7.7 billion of them. One for each person living here.

And its a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Do I view the world a certain way because of the events that have happened to me? O,r have certain events happened to me because of the way I have been viewing the world? Which came first?

Many people believe it’s the first one. They believe they are observing the world and making decisions based on their observations. But the opposite is true. If you look for reasons why the world is in danger you will find them. If you look for reasons why the world is flourishing you will find those too.

You are not observing the world you live in but rather creating it.

Your reality becomes exactly what you expect it to be. It’s important to recognize that you’ve also borrowed expectations from other people around you; your parents, grandparents, friends. Many of your beliefs have been passed down to you and automatically became your beliefs.

The good news is you decide what type of world you want to live in. You are in the driver’s seat and you always have been. You get to decide what the world looks like for you.

Expect that you will meet good people.

Expect that you will be safe and abundant.

Expect that you will have experiences that are fulfilling and fun.

Expect success.

Then as you go through your day to day activities, look for clues that your expectations are correct. Once you make a new decision the entire universe conspires to prove you right.

<3 Agnes

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