When Everything Feels Like It’s Falling Apart

Sometimes things happen (usually a cluster of things) that just make you feel like your whole world is falling apart. It can feel so heavy and so unsolvable. It can make you feel alone and defeated.

Whenever I find myself there I remind myself:

The sky is never actually grey, only the clouds are.

Once the clouds lift the blue returns because that’s the natural state of the sky.

Your natural sate is joy and love and abundance.

There is enough for you. God did not forget you.

If you’re not feeling that way now, there are some dark clouds glooming over you and through you. But clouds are temporary.

Sometimes even a massive storm erupts before the clouds give way to blue again.

My biggest breakthroughs have always come right after my biggest breakdowns. It seems like the natural cycle of things.

This shall pass. Keep faith. Good things are coming.

<3 Agnes

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