Create Miracles in Your Life

Who are you if they take all your labels away?

If you’re not mom, your job title, daughter, sister, wife, student, traveler, runner, gardener…. who are you now?

What’s left if you strip every description you’ve made for yourself… shy, outgoing, assertive, timid, bossy, passive…

What’s left is a body and an invisible life force. An energy?


You know what you think, you see, you feel, but who is the one that’s telling you to stop thinking or feeling a certain thing?

Sometimes when I’m thinking something negative or unproductive, I say to myself stop that. So who is the one thinking the negative thing and who is the one saying stop that?

It would make sense to conclude that we don’t know. We don’t know who or what we are beyond the labels and our physical appearance (which also changes year by year without our effort or consent).

So there is an invisible force.

A force that runs through all living things. The force that beats our heart and grows our hair is the same force that bursts open a seed and grows it into a tree. It’s the force that moves the oceans and the planets and directs the bees and splits microscopic cells to form an embryo.

Can our brain even comprehend how many miracles are simultaneously occurring globally each and every moment?

And if it all is a force, that is invisible almost magical, and it runs through everything, then the following logical conclusion is that you are everything.

You are the ocean, the tree, the bees, the embryo, and even your neighbor who you may or may not like. The life force that is them is also you (expect with different labels).

Now imagine if you called in this force to help you expand into the person you wish to be.

If you’ve always been shy but you wish to have more fun and friends in your life is it possible? If you’ve always been poor but you wish to be wealthy, is that possible? What if you’ve always been sick but you wish to be healthy?

Take a moment and imagine this incredibly patient force that brings movement and growth to everything on earth and beyond and picture yourself as it.

Is there anything that it cannot do? If we don’t even know who we are without a label how can we answer that question?

How can we say for sure that one miracle that occurs in nature is possible but the one I want one is too large. A seed turning into an oak tree is a doable miracle but me finding health is impossible?

You see?

It doesn’t make sense.

Because all things are possible through this force.

And this force is God.

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