You Should Dream More

Sometimes I think about how all of the most grand things in life were once just an idea in someone’s mind.

Something like incredible architecture, or a billion dollar company, a 220 passenger airplane, a chair, a best selling book, a skateboard, anything you can think of that exists today, once didn’t. Everything starts first as a thought, an idea, a dream.

I wonder how many things are never built because someone didn’t allow themselves to dream it up fully. Instead they think of their current reality. They remember the constraints of their bank account, their abilities, their knowledge, their connections or lack thereof. And these facts stop the dream from ever having the chance to grow. Its like plopping a seed into perfect fertile ground only to pull it right back up after a day or two.

We often forget that we don’t need any resources to dream, dreaming is free.

Like the seed, a dream needs time to germinate, and faith that it will grow in its own perfect timing, and it needs nurturing in the form of lots and lots of contemplation. The dream, like the seed, is not optional. It is required for a thing to become a thing.

So dream more.

Dream bigger.

There is so much more available to you than you give yourself permission to ask for.

Anything that you could ever imagine could be yours if you believe.

Seek out possibly. Anticipate that things are already working in your favor.

And along your dream journey, celebrate all the small wins. I see women everyday accomplishing really great things but they already have their sights set on the next thing and rarely stop to admire how great they are.

Be kinder to yourself.

Acknowledge how far you’ve come.

There may be days when getting out of bed and brushing your hair is the most you can do that day. Celebrate that too.

When we pause to celebrate each win the journey becomes so much sweeter.

Above all stop dreaming with your bank account and start dreaming as the magnificent and infinite soul that you are.

<3 Agnes

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