New Video: Learning the Manifestation Game

“Life is a play and we’re all actors. We can change the script anytime we want!”

Manifestation is such a buzz work lately, I don’t even like using it but here is the thing, you’re always manifesting, every minute, everyday. Because you are always creating. We can’t not be creating.

When you don’t pay much attention to your creation you’ll think that the things that happen to you are just random. But when start to look for synchronicities, you’ll see them.


To the point where stuff gets weird. You can just think of something and poof there it is. Of course somethings are easier to manifest than others. Because you’ve put more value on somethings and less on others. You’ve labeled some goals hard and some easy and so your world responds to you accordingly.

This video I recorded a few years ago as a series of stories, goes through some of my early aha moments in manifestations. I wanted to share how I’ve been able to turn it into almost a game that continues to surprise and delight me.

Do you have a crazy manifestation story? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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