Your Good Life Might Be Holding You Back From a Great One.

They say the greatest enemy of great is good. Do you ever feel stuck at good?

Many self made entrepreneurs were once poor, homeless, hopeless, and they had no choice but to push. Hitting rock bottom pushed them to greatness hard and fast. But what if you’re not poor or homeless, what if you’re good?


Not living an extravagant life but definitely a nice and cushiony one. You’ve got a nice car, nice house, vacations a couple times of a year, a very comfortable life. Sure things could be better, more time freedom, more luxury, more charitable works, but really life is already pretty good. It possible to push to great when you’re already good?

I am feeling so stuck at good. I am so tired of it too. I am dying for greatness but I’m too comfortable to move. Enough! I’m going for it and this is where I draw the line in the sand (I literally drew a line in the sand a couple of days ago in South Carolina).

I want so much more, I want more people to experience an abundant life and I have the power to show them how. I’m about to get very uncomfortable. God has already shown me the path but my excuses have gotten in the way.

Starting now I am pushing my self to greatness because that’s where I belong. That’s where you belong. It’s where we all belong. Don’t settle for good, don’t be fooled by the coziness of this familiar place.

Get uncomfortable with me, get crazy with me. Shoot for greatness with me!

To your JOY and ABUNDANCE,


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