Don’t Hold On So Tight. So Much More Is Coming.

I wrote an article once called Your Good Life Might Be Holding You Back From a Great One. It’s a message that revisits me again now. I look at this beautiful view, that was our home and we are leaving. In the past I would have been sad to leave it. But I am the furtherest from sad at the moment. I am so excited for what’s to come next. I am just about as happy and delighted as can be.

Don’t hold on so tight to your current situation and your existing life that you completely block yourself from the grander things that are meant to come your way.

It’s in our desire for comfort and in our unwillingness to seek change that we end up getting stuck. And that very feeling of comfort that we were so longing for, ends up backfiring and makes us feel dead inside.

You’re supposed to change. Your supposed to grow, like a tree, it’s always evolving and changing and growing. It can not stop doing those things because that is what nature intended.

We can not go against nature’s intention. It just isn’t possible to stay the same.

When you place yourself in an energy of gratitude, when you can look around and find something to appreciate and at the very same time you are so excited for the unknown of what’s coming next, this is when you know you have matched to God’s intention for you.

You have a great life, you have so much to love and appreciate around you, and so much more is coming. Stay open to the more that is coming, this will keep you feeling alive and free.

I am writing all this because in the past year and a half we have moved 3 times, once across the whole country. I was so scared. Terrified!

I am the person that DESPISED change. I cried every semester when they changed my schedule in high school. I’ve cried over every house I lived in, I felt a strong attachment to my homes and I never wanted anything to change because I loved things just the way they were. But did I? No of course not. Deep down my heart was longing for more. I was quietly dying.

Today I am not this person. I realize now that my home doesn’t define me but it can serve as a place to help me feel my best. But more is always coming so there is no need to hold on to any of it. It’s all coming all the time and each time it’s better than before, why would I want to put a stop to better?

There is no such thing as staying the same. It feels so good to expand. And there are no rules. You write the book, you’ve always been writing.

I’m not quite sure if this post makes any sense to you I usually try to polish them a little better but I am feeling so ellated and I wanted to write in this mindspace and share with you.

My family and I are saying good bye to our place and saying hello to new adventures. Everything is always working out, the universe has always had my back and I can SEE now.

I wish the same for you. Appreciate what you have been gifted and get ready for more cause so much, oh so so so much, more is coming for you. ❤️

To your joy and abundance,


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