We Are Moving Again!

We are moving again! We went from upsizing to downsizing to upsizing again (more on that later).

I’ve learned so much through 3 moves in less than 2 years.

We decided to move from Chicago to SC for no other reason other than to experience a different environment.

Nature. Peace. Serenity. Those are the things we longed for.

We moved into an apartment on the water and scaled down from a pretty big 5 bedroom 3 car garage home and only kept the bare minimums. Partly because of the cost to move across country and partly because it needed to happen for this time in our journey.

It was about letting go of everything I thought I knew to be real. Letting go of the material possessions that didn’t serve me but I felt so attached to.

It was hard to throw things away and sell things. I cried for an hour when my kids project wall came down. But at the end of it all it felt so freeing.

It was such a valuable experience. It made me realize that my material possessions don’t define me but my desires are continually changing. It’s not about having more or having less it’s about being open to the next step in the journey.

It’s about evolving and expanding. To dive into whatever feels right in the moment and to fully have faith that everything will work out, because it’s always working out.

When I was attached to my “forever home” I was closed off to the possibility for anything new to come.

Now I choose to invite fresh and exciting experiences to come and go as they may. I have faith that it will just keep getting better and better. I am excited about an unknown future because it makes me feel like I am alive and thriving.

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